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Our June/July 2014 issue is now available and will be delivered to 4,000+ cattlemen and women in 20 different countries as well as sent to a growing list of more than 14,000+ additional electronic subscribers worldwide. Additional copies of this issue will also be distributed at the junior state summer shows, the AJBA All-American National Junior Brahman Show in West Monroe, Louisiana, and the Kickoff Classic in Brenham. This issue focuses on the youth of the AJBA. Read about the commitment of the ABBA Youth Activities Committee, the impact of the AJBA, and a profile story on Sloan Williams. We also feature several youth in our youth spotlight pages.

OUR MISSION: The American Brahman Review® promotes the attributes of American Brahman cattle, Brahman F1s and Brahman organizations. By providing accurate, positive coverage of these attributes, we add value for Brahman breeders and inform the public of the necessity of the Brahman breed and the Brahman F1 in the global beef industry.

Our magazine was established in 2010 to aid in the advancement of the Brahman breed in the global cattle business. We publish 10 issues per year, all in full color. Though we are a new publication, we have experienced tremendous growth after each issue is published, and offer the fastest growing subscription list of people who are interested in Brahman cattle and Brahman F1s around the world. We are the leading educational magazine source in the Brahman and F1 industries, bringing you timely, relevant, and in-depth features and news each issue. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are cattle people, making money in the cattle business. We put our magazine into the hands of cattlemen and women who are at the heart of the industry.

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